Global Voting results

​Global data will be available here as the GPC Series progresses.
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The Access Rules:

- All of infor​mation generated during the GPC Series will be publicly available. Neither the identity, the affiliation, or the views of any participant should be revealed without their consent.  

- Anyone wishing to publish any data generated by the GPC Series may do so freely, provided they promptly send a copy of their publication to info@globalpou​​ and permit the GPC Series to republish it free of charge on its website one (1) month after its first date of appearance, or at any later date.

A final report summarising the findings of the Academic Committee will be published at the end of the GPC Series towards the end of 2017.  It is hoped that the data and information developed during the course of this GPC Series can be used for years to come, and to possibly generate future GPC events that can focus on specific issues that may arise from the current GPC Series.

Part of the revenues generated by the GPC Series will hopefully remain and be reinvested into future research into this field.​