Resources for Partners, Sponsors & LOCs

​Below you will find links to key resources.

Promotion is key through a few channels:

  1. Your Word of Mouth inside your networks
  2. Placing the GPC Series in prominent places on your organisations' websites
  3. Engage via social media
    - LinkedIn:
    ​     - Post articles in the LinkedIn group and comment on other posts
         - Invite people to join the LinkedIn group
         - Write updates
    - Twitter:
         - Get tweeting @GPCseries, #GPCseries
    - Facebook:
         - Post about GPC Series
         - Share the posts from the GPC Facebook page
  4. Send or Forward updates inside your networks
  5. Talk to your contacts in the press and on blogs

Graphics & Designs​

Each group of items has its own folder​

Banners, Letterhead, A5 Flyer, PPT, Sample Email Signature

Access the files here

GPC Logo

Access the files here

GPC Series 2016-17 Logo

Access the files here

​Templates for Local Event Graphics & Designs

The templates include: concept files, banners, A5 flyer, PPT, A4 letterhead, booklet covers, newletter, business cards, roll-ups, as well as the logos for Global sponsors.
- Access the templates here
- For MAC files, access the templates here

Global Webmails

1. Announcing the Global Pound Conference. View here

Previous Key Communications to Partners

GPC Series launch instructions (Oct 2015)

View​ here

​​Getting Started on Social Media

  1. ​Join the LinkedIn Group
    - Click on the “Join” button at: 

    You can also boost your LinkedIn Profile by:
    - In your “Profile Summary”, add a link to the linkedin group (link above) with text inviting people to join the group
    - In your “Experience”, add GPC as a position you currently hold (type in “Global Pound Conference” as the company name)

  2. Like us on Facebook
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  3. Follow us on Twitter